Steal Her Look for LESS!

We all have our favourite celebs. We adored their talents, their hair, and of course, their style! You imagined yourself wearing their clothes, sporting their OOTDs, and told yourself, ‘this dress will look absolutely fantastic on me!’

Let’s admit it, most of their clothes (and shoes) will break the bank for most of us. Finding an exact replica or even having it tailored just for you still costs a fortune.

Instead of copying their outfits, why not use it to inspire your looks? Just apply some tweaks to make it your own, adjust your personality to stand out, and have your own style! To get you started in finding inspiration, we’ve gathered some celebrity outfits to inspire you in creating your next look!

1. Ariana Grande

Known for a petite frame and incredible voice, Ariana Grande is also a great style inspiration! She mostly wears easy to find clothing pieces which she adds her own brand of sexiness.

Just like Ariana, you can also turn easy finds into something that suits your style! Choose a piece of clothing (i.e. a top, a skirt, or pants) and style it according to what you feel like wearing today!

Take a peek at our Zoe skirt! It comes in 3 colours and it is easy to style. If you’re feeling a little dangerous, pair it with a sexy crop top. If you feel like wearing it to church, pair with a simple white button down shirt which you can borrow from your dad, uncle, or brother! A button down shirt is easy to style; just roll or fold the sleeves up to your elbows, tie the loose ends up, and show some skin by unbuttoning the top buttons while tucking it in your skirt!

2. Hailee Steinfeld

Unlike Ariana Grande, Hailee Steinfelds’ style is closer to your down-to-earth but cool friend. She wears a lot of jeans, shirts, and flat shoes but in the red carpet, she transforms into someone that will make your jaw drop.

This outfit of Hailee has been included in a lot of best red carpet looks lists. I mean, who wouldn’t include this in best looks? It has a classic cut and silhouette that transformed her in to an elegant lady.

Luckily for us, we can have this look for less!

This green crop top gives out almost the same shine as Hailee’s halter top! Not just that, you can even pair this separate top on different skirts, pants, or shorts. If you’re going to a formal event, just pair it with a floor length skirt and strut your red carpet walk! And if you’re out on a date with your friends, just pair it with a knee-length skirt or with a pair of pants and flats!

3. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is the IT girl of this generation and the definition of today's Supermodel. Her style makes it easy for us to copy it because unlike her sisters, Kendall is known to wear classic cuts and neutral colours.

Some of Kendall’s closet staples are long vests and trench coats. These add flair and sophistication to simple outfits such as skinny jeans, tank tops, or shorts and crop tops. But here’s some good news girls – you don’t have to fly to US or scour Paris just to find her long vest, you can find them here!

The weather in our country doesn’t really call for a long and warm vest but that shouldn’t stop you from wanting some of her looks. Our Axel vest has just the right length and made from lightweight material so you can wear it even under the scorching heat of the sun! It comes in neutral colours so you can easily pair it with any of your clothes!




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