Date Night Outfit Ideas

You know the word that gives both men and women a strong feeling?

The word DATE.

Whenever a date is brought up, it stirs up different emotions within us. Generally for guys, it brings about a surge of nervousness; for girls, it gives a feeling of excitement but also raises a bit of panic.

A date is one of the most noticeable occasions in our lives where both men and women feel pressured to step up their game. Men try to overcome their fear as they ask the girls of their dreams out. Girls, on the other hand, try their best to hide their kilig when they get asked out. Later on, they would freak out as they scour their closet for the right clothes to wear for their date!

Ladies, you don’t have to be that stressed out when it comes to finding that perfect outfit! We’ve rounded up only the best ensemble for your special night out!

Perfect for: Conservative and Modern Filipina.

What’s  great about this outfit is that it is both modest yet appealing. The classic cut in the front will make you avoid worrying about accidentally exposing too much skin on your first date! It allows you to have fun and be just yourself without limits! It’s conservative nature on the front makes up for its alluring cut on the sides. Cut-outs placed on the side breaks the traditional expectations of the dress.


Perfect for: Career Women


Dating is not only limited for the young ones. Women who are also busy building their careers can also find time to go out on a date!

A color-blocked dress with classic cut skirt and top makes it appropriate to be worn in the office – just put on a blazer or a cardigan and you’re good to go! If you have a scheduled date on a workday, just trade your office low-heels with some mid-heel shoes, clutch bag, and take your blazer off!

Perfect for: Prim and Proper


Girls who value proper manners and demeanor above all deserves an outfit that speaks for themselves.  Off-shoulder dresses have been on the trend since the 1800s; it’s been loved by women of high stature in society.  This dress offers a demure way to show off more skin than expected. If you want to show more skin without being too revealing, an off-shoulder dress is the way to go! It is flirty and demure at the same time.

Perfect for: Carefree Feminine


Trends come and go but the floral pattern print is here to stay! It is a subtle way to show your interest in the natural world and feel feminine at the same time. It’s easy to see yourself wearing a floral print dress while you’re out on a date somewhere with a garden. You could also wear it out on a simple date to one of local weekend markets  Let him watch you as you shine on your most comfortable state!

Perfect for: Strong Willed Filipina


Dresses are good on its own, but sometimes you’re just in the mood to mix and match. The key to a great date is to be comfortable in your own skin and on what you wear. A full and flowy skirt always does the job when it comes to comfort. A full skirt is also easy to style – just pair it with a feminine top that will highlight your best features!

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