Graduation Dresses Fit for Royalty

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After enduring years of countless deadlines and sleepless nights, the time has come to enjoy the fruit of all your hard work! It’s finally graduation day – a momentous crossroad of your life where you start to embark a fresh journey outside the confines of the school grounds.

You’ll soon be marching onto the stage, wearing your graduation hat and gown. As you celebrate this milestone, you not only have to feel great, but look great as well. So after the ceremony has ended, you'd have to be wearing an outfit that exhibits your glamour and shows off your personality!

With this in mind, you can never go wrong with traditional cuts or classic lengths. You can opt for timeless silhouettes that make you feel comfortable just like a princess.

Take a look at some of the iconic outfits of the Duchess of Cambridge – most of these emphasize the feminine silhouette through classic styles and cuts.

You don’t have to go toe-to-toe just to be able to get what the Duchess is wearing. You can simply channel your inner princess on your very special day with us!

  • Carefree and Dainty Duchess
  • Enjoy the freedom to move and be stylish at the same time with our Dylan Full Skirt.
    Its printed design is enough to carry the whole outfit. You don’t have to worry about finding a top with a particular cut or design. A simple white top that will accentuate your assets would be enough. Just pair it with high-heels and you’re all set in claiming that diploma!

  • Grecian Princess
  • If you’re the kind of girl who prefers to wear only a piece of clothing, the Dawson Maxi Dress is enough to make you feel like the head of a country! It has a conservative yet alluring feel that gives you and your family something to be excited about when taking those selfies!

  • Modern Princess
  • If you would like a dress to be perfectly hidden while wearing your toga, the Brad Contrast Dress may be just your match. While sporting the conservative yet regal and timeless cut, you can still channel your inner Kate Middleton as you walk that path towards your diploma.

  • Dauntless Duchess
  • You may want to wear something that can feature your legs without being too flashy, so a classic cut but with a shorter hemline might work. Remember when Kate Middleton was just starting out? She’s been rocking those dress and clothes with short hemlines and classic cuts!

    The Roseann Cover Up Dress has a short hemline in the front and a longer one in the back. Despite a shorter front hem, this dress is still conservative enough to be worn in family gatherings like your graduation celebration.

  • Conservative Princess
  • If you have a pair of pants or skirt that you haven’t worn in a while, this is the perfect time to take them out! The Blaze Top is easy enough to pair with almost any pair of pants or skirt yet classy enough to be worn on such events!

    So remember, whether you’re buying specifically for your graduation ceremony or not, it’s always wise to invest in pieces that you would be able to use frequently later on. Now that you’re all set, go get that outfit perfect for your special day and march on that stage!

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