Father's Day OOTD

We just witnessed and honoured all the mother’s in the world May 8, the second Sunday of the month of May.  In the next few weeks, the special Sunday dedicated to all fathers around is fast approaching.

As we all know, our fathers or men in general are not as expressive as women. Most of the time, we are left to guess what they would want on their special days simply because we don’t want to ruin the surprise for them.

There are many ways to express our gratitude to them; but, there are some fool proof ways to make them feel appreciated. Spending quality time with them, doing what they love the most, and of course, by showing him that he’s the king because he’s the most special man in your life are just some of the ways.

You might already have some ideas in your mind for what you and your family can do to celebrate the occasion but, do you already have your celebration outfit? No special occasion is complete without an outfit.

Don’t fret if you still haven’t thought about it! We have something special in mind for you to make this Father’s Day extra special!

Culottes or knee-length trousers with cuts that resembles a skirt has been a popular fashion item for some time. It is easy to style and much easier to move around – traits that modern women are mostly after when it comes to clothes.

Pair the Danielle Drawstring Culottes with a simple white shirt, or just simply wear one of your Dad’s crisp white shirts! After all, it is Father’s day and it is one way of showing that he is part of your life or that he completes you.

One thing about dads is that no matter how old their daughters are, they will always be a baby in their eyes. That’s why it’s no wonder why most dads aren’t in favour of outfits that shows a lot of skin. So, raise your hand if you’re one of those who have been asked to trade your summer cropped top for a more conservative off shoulder top!

Luckily, just because our dads aren’t in favour of showing some skin doesn’t mean we don’t get to wear what we want! A simple basic essential like our Christian Off Shoulder Top gives you that subtle yet conservative baring of skin!


In a very humid and hot country like ours, tight-fitting clothes are the last thing we want to wear! For girls, a pair of pants does not sit well. Instead of resorting to short shorts, why not try a wide leg pants or a pair of maxi pants?

Try our Yasmin Wide Leg Pants instead of wearing shorts to keep your legs cool and your dad happy for not showing much skin! Aside from that, you can also easily move freely and give your lower body a rest from constricting clothes!


In the dawn of skin-baring and short dresses, why not dare to wear our Amanda Maxi Dress? It simple yet elegant and brings out your best features! It doesn't cling to your body so you don’t have to worry about feeling hot and sweaty while spending the day with your Dad and your family!

It is also easy to style so you can wear it on special occasions or wear it work or even on your next vacation! Just mix and match some accessories and you’re good to go!

Choosing an outfit for Father’s day doesn't have to be hard! And just because you’re buying a dress or choosing an outfit for Father’s day doesn't mean that you can’t wear these on other days! Find clothes that are versatile enough to be worn over and over again no matter what the occasion is, no matter where you are, and no matter what that day is!

Head on to our website, check us out on Zalora or visit Thrift Market stores near you!

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