100% Stylish Waterproof Outfits

It's almost time to bid the warm and sunny days adieu—and welcome the wet and rainy season!

Everyone knows that our country is notorious for its strong typhoons; when it rains, it really pours! Streets get flooded, traffic worsens, and one loses hope in dressing up knowing that one's outfit will get soaked sooner or later.

Ladies, remember that nothing can stop you from looking your best—whether it rains or shines! Your high heels might see less action outside, but flats can give you the same striking style as its high-heeled counterparts. Besides, it provides comfort and keeps your feet dry and clean at the same time!

May it be wet or dry, dresses are here to stay.

If summer called for a lot of flowy dresses, the rainy season calls for something that isn’t easily blown by the wind. Aside from this, keep your dresses at the knee or above the knee length to keep your hems dry and mud free!

You can also keep yourself warm by wearing layers of clothing like a pair of tights and a trench coat over your dress!

Going out on with family or friends, or just simply a stroll?

Keep yourself warm and comfortably stylish by pairing our Whitney top with a simple pair of jeans and layer it with a jacket and voila, you’re good to go!

Also, don’t forget to wear something comfortable for your feet! Avoid sneakers or shoes made from textiles because these can be easily soaked.  Opt for a piece that protects you from puddles along the way.

If you still want to wear something flowy, unrestrictive, and feel a little bit like it's summer, you can have our Eric Cut-out dress!

Layer it with a parka for extra warmth and wear a pair of thigh-high socks to shield your legs from cold! The parka also protects your skirt from being blown up by strong gusts of wind.

 Finish up your look by accessorizing yourself with a simple choker and an easy backpack!


No matter what the weather or the event is, you should always look and feel your best because you never know when you’re going to meet The One for you. If that isn’t enough reason, then just think about bumping into someone you’re not fond of while they’re looking better than you! Of course, you wouldn’t want to be seen in this case, so save yourself from future embarrassment and devote more effort in dressing up. Eventually, you’ll find yourself being the highlight of everyone’s envious gazes instead!

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